Building Sustainable Fishing Communities, One Catch at a Time

We are optimistic and expressive in our hopes and dreams for our country. Our products will take you through a sensory experience of the excellence and abundance of the Philippine seas and fishing communities. We aim to build a social platform to connect fishing communities, customers and partners, with our consistent warm presence while creating a culture that will not leave the fishermen, their families and the environment behind.


We know the sight, smell and sound of your seafood cooking makes your mouth water and your heart waver. Going through a sanitary sea-to-packaging manual process, have your seafood cravings satisfied from the comforts of your home, starting with breakfast. Your every purchase contributes to a collective dream of continuously creating world-class Filipino seafood products that give back.


There is more to your seafood favorites than meets your eyes. Every catch is a daily labor of love by our fishermen and their wives, starting at 4 AM. Every product is a work of heart.


More than a year after Haiyan struck Bantayan Island in Cebu, hope and dreams abound as we seek to improve the lives of our fishermen. Despite the demand for seafood products and the natural resources available, fisherfolk are considered the poorest sector in the Philippines. Our fishing communities goes through capacity building activities and are linked to multi-sector partners. This is to equip and empower them to protecting our country’s marine resources and double the family income that can provide for more than their basic needs. Every catch holds the hopes and dreams for their families, kids and the future generation of our fishing communities.